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Design, construction and automation of industrial machineries and plants: automatic winders for plastic films, polymer gear pumps, reduction gearboxes for single and twin-screw extruders.


                                     :: Winders



Automatic discharger and hydraulic platform for collecting rolls. The discharger is directly mounted on the winder and consists of two powered arms that transfer the finished rolls from the winder to the platform situated at the end of the station. In the same manner, they transfer the chuck from the platform to the winder with automatic block and chuck expansion.
These are controlled by the winder PLC..

Chuck puller for winders
Construction characteristics:
The chuck puller consists of a base in welded steel structure on which two robust translation guides are fixed. These translate the chuck pulling body with hydraulic block of the chuck.
The chuck pneumatic expansion device used by the operator is mounted in the same body. Translation is powered by a hydraulic motor controlling the ball-recirculation female screw device. Control is made by the winder’s PLC with fully-automatic selection of the cycle together with the roll discharger..

For extrusion and coextrusion systems for 0.1 to 2 mm-thick plastic sheets,
please ask for the special brochure..



Construction characteristics:
The steel structure is electrically-welded and consists of two robust shoulders rigidly connected by the base and by suitable bars. The shoulders support all the moving parts including the 2-shaft turret rotation controlled by separate motors. Turret rotation and its perfect positioning are guaranteed by a system compensating any insertion and coupling gap to the special DC motor-regulator.

Air expansion of chuck is automatic on the winder and is guaranteed by pressure control before rotation. The lower cutting system is characterised by a number of lever mechanism actuated by air cylinders and electrically controlled rolls; this guarantees excellent positioning and avoids tie effects. A series of long air-controlled double-bladed knives see to trimming and to lengthwise cutting. Their traverse positioning is hand-operated and eased by a millimetre rod. A powered PLC controlled positioning system is available on request. Two fixed-curve and variable-position bow rolls are situated before and after the lengthwise cutting system; both rolls are electrically controlled. The lay on roll to the winding chuck is made of steel and coated by special rubber; rotation is controlled by a DC motor axially coupled in direct mode, while two other DC motor-regulators independently control pressure on the roll, thus allowing differentiated pressure operation at both ends. Furthermore, gap operation for particular types of materials is also possible.

Control of film pulling tension is based on the processing of the signals generated by pressure and positioning transducers of the dancer roll unit situated in front of the winder and by the load cells positioned near the chuk lay on rolls. Finally, the winder is fixed to the floor and any traverse oscillation of the film must be assigned to a powered device with rotary-frame and fixed centre positioner, mounted before the winder..

Control module:
The winder automation is entrusted to a suitable PLC, which controls and handles speeds, pull tensions and positioning in the necessary sequence and safety guaranteed by the special management software. The control module consists of a unit containing the automation power and control and by an operating panel.

Technical specifications:
Width of table on request
Chuck diameter on request
Maximum speed (with min 6” diam. chucks) 540m/1’
Maximum diameter of roll 1,200 mm
Maximum weight of roll depends on diameter of chucks and on number of rolls being winded
(maximum) length of cutting cycle 15 secs
Number of double blade knives for trimming and lengthwise cutting on request.





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