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Design, construction and automation of industrial machineries and plants: automatic winders for plastic films, polymer gear pumps, reduction gearboxes for single and twin-screw extruders.


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Models of available pumps:
AT, ATN, ATF Series - Application in extrusion plants with max 350 bar pressures.
AH Series - Application in extrusion plants with max 750 bar pressures.
AV Series - Under reactor for polymerisation plants in ATEX area.
ATP Series - Specific for the production of rigid PVC and its by-products and materials very sensitive to the stress of the production process.

ALFATECH’s in-depth capability in the field of research and in the development of solutions capable of increasing the technological level and productivity of extrusion lines, has produced an integrated polymer feed system called SIDOP, particularly indicated for rapidly resolving production problems.
The SIDOP system may be applied independently or interfaced with the management logic of the extrusion line.

The enthusiasm and satisfaction of users of our SIDOP system are proof of the productivity and reliability of the AT pumps and our customers can confirm the benefits and the advantages, a few of which are summarised below:
improved product quality, with more accurate and uniform dimensional tolerances, guaranteed by a constant melt flow rate, even during variations in viscosity and temperature or inconsistencies from screw surging;
increased production capacity, thanks to optimisation of screw speed and extrusion pressure, both being regulated and controlled by the systems control modules;
“energy/capacity” ratio reduced, thanks to optimisation of the entire productive process;
reduced raw material consumption, a consequence of the reduction in waste and of an increase in the quantity of recycled material;
extended extruder life, guaranteed by the remarkable decrease in work pressure thereby benefiting the screw, barrel and thrust bearing of the reduction gear.

The function of SIDOP are characterised by the complete automation of coordination between extruder-pump, thereby guaranteeing that the pump is 100% full at all times. In these conditions the major benefits, deriving from maintaining the pressure downstream of the pump in constant values and eliminating variations in parameters during processing, are obtained. Automatic control of extruder speed is the ideal solution for guaranteeing optimal operative conditions of the pump.

ALFATECH S.r.l. reconfirms itself as a dynamic and leading company in the production of polymer extrusion gear pumps and with the realization of pumps for rigid PVC and its derivatives and highly degradable materials has reached the top of the quality and experience.
With the completion of the design of the whole series of ATP pumps, specific for the production of rigid PVC, now ALFATECH S.r.l. is ready to face also the market of extrusion of polyvinyl materials, this in addition to its already consolidated market of techno-polymer products, rubbers and elastomers, and master batches for production up to 20.000 kg/h.
ALFATECH S.r.l. decided to develop the new model of ATP pump after the considerable experience and the excellent results obtained in the application of special pumps thermoregulated with fluids. In the field of extrusion of elastomers and rubbers added with accelerators this type of pump avoids vulcanization processes within it.
ALFATECH S.r.l. is spreading the notice of ATP pumps production, after a caution coverage with deposit of ‘International Patent’ filed on January 16, 2003.
The additional experience gained from the development of ATP pumps, brought ALFATECH S.r.l. to the decision of upgrade the production of its standard range AT and AH pumps, by applying some particulars and optimizing them for the extrusion compound with mineral fillers or reinforced with glass fibres.

With this further commitment, ALFATECH S.r.l. consolidates its leadership by answering to all the market needs and requests, such as:
restricted geometric and dimensional tolerances;
superior optical quality in transparent products;
use of recycled materials without quantity limitations;
pressure limitations in the extruder, when high working or filtering pressures are required;
better automatic process of plants in relation with productivity;
better automatic and proportional process of layers in co-extrusion plants;
personalized applications with coupling with single and twin-shaft extruders.

Moreover, the high professionalism and competence of ALFATECH technicians ensure the customers all their availability to solve problems related to the production of:
polyvinyl materials;
rubbers and elastomers;
master batches; compound with mineral fillers or reinforced with glass fibres.

ALFATECH S.r.l. is also able to propose its customers the most appropriate solutions thank to the availability of a wide range of pumps model:
for low pressures, max 350 bar;
for high pressures, max 700 bar;
thermoregulated body and pinions with fluid circulation;
use of special steels in the degree of abrasiveness of the components;
personalised couplings for extruders and/or feeders;
current productivity up to 20.000 kg/h..

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